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Welcome Hunters!

You are tasked to hunt (for presents) protect your camp and if need be - steal from your enemy or caused havoc to their camp.

Please take some time to read about the game and prepare yourself to be the greatest hunter ever!

//What To Do Before The Game//


  • Please inform Game Host the uniform your team will be wearing and do make sure your team report in the uniform you “registered” 

  • Please check your Game’s Date and Time and make yourself available for the game. 

  • Please ensure you have stable connection.

  • Be ready at the airport nearing the game time. (DDC will be sent to later)

  • Please empty your pocket and come with ONLY a ladder. Do not bring any other items with you.



//The Game Play and Rules//

  • When you arrive, please wait up for everyone and await for further instructions at our reception. 

  • Once the timer starts, find the wrapped presents which are placed around the entire island.

  • Drop them in your designated camp. (Do not unwrap the presents!)

  • Only presents lying in/within the vicinity of your camp will be counted. Present in your pocket will not counted. 

  • Please return to your camp when the game ends.

  • No more drop off is allowed after the timer end. 

  • You can attempt to blow out the opponents tiki torches during the game. If the fire is off anytime during the game, there will be points deducted to that time. You are given one minute to come back to your base to on the torches again. Failing to do so will result in points deduction as each minute passed.

  • The team with at least one tiki torch with fire at the end of e game and the most number of points win! 

  • Your team will immediately lose the challenge when none of your tiki torches is on after the timer ends.

  • No Wands is allowed during the game. Any team/player found using wand to change their outfit to impersonate your opponent will be disqualified immediately. 

  • You will be able to bring home all presents you have collected! You are encourage to share the total amount of presents you’ve collected among your team-mates privately.


  • Have fun hunting/stealing/or "Killing" off your opponent tiki torches.

  • Note: There's nothing in any of the houses. You are not required to enter any of them to hunt.


//Other Rules and Regulations//

  • You are allowed to replace a team mate if he/she is unable to make it to the game. However, the replacement player(s) should not be from any other team participating in this tournament. The replacement player(s) is not allowed to join any other team once he/she played for your team.

  • Any request to postpone/change your allocated game’s date/time must be agreeable by the Host and your opponent. 

  • Any no show will deemed as walkover. 

  • We have the rights to change/amend any of the rules/game play without prior notices.


//The Points Systems//

  • Each present placed in your camp/vicinity = 5 points

  • 5 points will be deducted every minute when all your tiki torches are off during the game.

  • There will additional bonus points in different round. Game hosts will announce/brief the teams before the commencement of the game.


TIPS: Pay attention to the announcement before each battles. 


// Game Format (Season One) //

Single Knock Out System. Team will pit against their designated opponent (Randomly Drawn). Winner will progress to the next round – Until the Grand Final.

Participating Teams (Season ONE)


Tim Sum

Team Members:

Khoo Shefan

Chew Hui Xin

Kenny Tan


The 3 Savages

Team Members:

Kayden Leow

Zelynn Lau

Alicia Tan



Team Members:

Humphrey Ng

Leon Koh

Zac Koh


Tom's Sugar Babies 

Team Members:

Noel Ong

Kenric Tan

Lynn Lynn


Powerpuff  Girls

Team Members:

Chanel Tan

Haslinda Abdul Wahab

Angeline Kristanti



Team Members:

Eunice Yeo

Michelle Michh 

JiaYi Needsalotof Peace

Samantha Ann Nonis


Pineapple Pen

Team Members:

Averie T. De Jesus


Patrick Tan

Ivana S



Team Members:

Vonny Wonders

Jacq Tan

Kelvin Teo


Team B.A.P

Team Members: 

Pinkpeas Pinkpeas

Basil Tay

AC Chua



Team Members:

Jamie Lim Si Ling

Chun Jay Tan

Andric Nathaniel



Team Members:

Gavin Liew

Bryan Wong


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